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Social media burnout is a real struggle that is often faced in our industry. When you’re creating content and researching strategy for hours on end, it’s easy to feel like there are no ideas left. Here are my top tips for when the creativity isn’t flowing as easily!


Ah, what would we ever do without Pinterest. If you’re anything like me, you downloaded Pinterest in middle school (circa 2010) because it was the newest app and your parents didn’t quite let you have a Facebook yet. You pinned a bunch of your dream (albeit outdated) wedding pins and saved a ton of recipes that were either never attempted or complete failures. Does any of this ring a bell or am I calling myself out?

Fast forward to today–Pinterest is STILL one of my most used (and favorite) visual apps! Whether I’m needing inspiration for a new graphic or need help with adjusting my camera settings, I know Pinterest will always help me out.


Listening to podcasts is quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes. I love listening in the car, while out on walks and even while working! It’s my favorite way to digest information. Here’s a quick list of my favorites and why they’re my favorite:

  • Gals on the Go - These girls are such a grounded and relatable pair. I love sitting back and listening to their personal stories, it makes me feel like we’re all friends just catching up!

  • Ready, Set, Spill! - This podcast is new but has quickly become a favorite! Host Lindsey Carter (CEO of SET Active) dives into the world of business and fashion through her own and others experiences.

  • Fat Mascara - I’m beauty obsessed. The hosts of this podcast always give me the 411 on new launches + beauty trends.

  • I Love You So Much - Another relatable podcast for the twenty-somethings who are trying to find their purpose in life through various topics such as health & wellness, hustle culture, books and relationships. Bonus: Podcast host Kenzie Elizabeth is a Texan! 🤠

  • The Bitch Bible - Fun fact: I started listening to this podcast in college because I wanted to learn how to be assertive and not let others take me for granted during group projects.

There have been so many new podcasts established within the past few years, find one that sticks out to you whether it’s about marketing or your favorite TV show, you’re sure to be entertained and inspired for hours!

Surround yourself with other creatives

There’s no better feeling than being surrounded by people who are just as creative and passionate as you are. Being able to spitball ideas and gush about your favorite designer’s latest collaboration can be so helpful when you’re in a creative rut. And if you don’t have a group of friends like this, be sure to follow and interact with other creatives online.

Reality Check

Social media is supposed to be fun. If you’re feeling uninspired or burned out, this is your sign to stop creating AND consuming! Take a break, go for a walk or try out that recipe that’s been sitting in your TikTok likes for the past month. It’s important to listen to yourself and be able to recognize when you need to take a pause.

I hope these tips can help you the next time you’re stuck. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram to be updated with the latest tips and tricks to help you be the best social media manager you can be!

XO, Stephanie

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