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What I've Learned Interning at Forward Social.

Before I started my remote social media internship, I knew I wanted to acquire more knowledge, confidence and understanding of the social media and communication world.

During my time working at Forward Social, I feel as though this team helped me grow tremendously in knowledge, confidence, creativity, communication and responsibility. And on top of that, I am learning and growing out of the comfort of my own home!

Every week, the Forward Social team amazes and inspires me. They turn intimidating remote work into an adaptable and positive “work-from-home” experience. Oh, and did I mention their organizational and managerial skills are supreme and impress me every week!

My favorite part of this social media internship has been learning, engaging and creating new ways to help build a client’s brand. One of my favorite things about Forward Social is they are always striving to give and make their clients the best they can be.

Some of my favorite projects so far are coming up with creative photos, captions and stories for various clients. I love playing around with fun designs on Canva and making simple graphics turn into something the clients will love and can’t wait to share with their audience.

Another project I enjoyed was creating a social media audit for one of Forward Social’s new clients. I started by researching the brand’s current social media standing, algorithm and voice. After I got an idea about their brand, I started thinking and creating new ways to transform and promote their brand.

Overall, I am so grateful for the experience, teamwork and positivity Forward Social has offered me. This company has something special to offer any client whether you are an oil and gas company, lawyer or interior designer. Forward Social will help you build your target audience, transform your brand and make you stand out in a world filled with social media.

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