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Instagram Video Formats: Explained.

In October 2021, Instagram announced that they are “no longer just a photo-sharing app,” so new video features and formats should come as no surprise.

Their rapidly-growing video content opportunities have taken over the app -- and they are here to stay!

Love them or hate them, video content allows your brand to personally connect with your audience. Videos are able to share stories and convey information in a more in-depth way than any picture could!

If you’ve logged onto Instagram recently, you'd probably notice all the Instagram video features.

If you've been confused by them, this blog post is for you.

Listed below are Instagram’s four main video formats and how you can implement them in your Instagram strategy. :

Current Instagram Video Formats:

  1. Reels

  2. Video Stories

  3. Instagram Lives

  4. Feed Video


This Tik-Tok-inspired feature invites you to share short-form video content with your followers and beyond. Reels don’t just appear in the feed of people who follow you, but their reach can expand to anyone who Instagram’s algorithm thinks would be interested in your content (only if your account is public). The Reels tool allows you to record, upload and edit multiple clips for up to 60 seconds with different audio, effects and other creative tools.

Video Stories

Instagram Stories can be photos or videos They are available for your followers to view for only 24 hours (unless saved to your profile’s story highlights).

Instagram Stories are an amazing (and often underutilized) form of content. With Instagram Stories you are communicating a little bit more closely with your followers with opportunities to vote, engage with stickers, view others' profiles and gain access to links.

This is the best place to share fun, informal, spontaneous and conversational content.

Instagram Lives

Broadcast a real-time video to your followers with Instagram Lives. Lives are typically less curated since there isn’t a chance to edit or piece clips together. This form of Instagram video content is a great way to interact with your followers and show them your personality.

Don’t want to do a Live video alone? No problem! Instagram Lives can be hosted by one or two accounts. It’s a great way to expand your reach to combine with another account!

Your audience will also be able to comment or add emoji reactions while you are recording! If you love what you shared, be sure to save your live videos and share them on your feed so people who were busy can access them later.

Instagram lives are raw and authentic. They are the perfect place to answer questions and deepen relationships with consumers.

4. Feed Video

You may have noticed Instagram merged IGTV and Feed Videos. This change was to help provide a clearer differentiation between Instagram Reels and other video content on the app.

IGTV used to be exclusively for longer-form content, but now any video that appears on your feed that isn’t a Reel (regardless of length) is an Instagram Video. Feed videos appear in your profile grid and have their own tab in your profile for users to find.

Now that we have covered all of the details, it's time for you to add video content to your content calendar.

If you get overwhelmed, break it down to where you are practicing and posting one new video format a week. Get out there, make those connections and tell your story!

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