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How to Support Small Businesses on Social Media

When one hears the word “support” or “will you support me?”, you automatically think money, right?! It is an instinct. However, support does not always mean you have to be spending money. It can be your time, your words or even the click of a button.

In the new culture that we live in, the majority of us cannot live without social media-- even businesses depend so heavily on social media! Thankfully, for small businesses, social media has been so helpful in building platforms and gaining an audience.

Here are four ways you can support small businesses, like Forward Social, without spending a dime…

Double Tap a Picture

Double tapping (or liking it) is almost an automatic response to us these days. So why not show some love and double tap all the pictures that you love or even slightly like. That one like gives small businesses the validation to keep posting.

Sharing a Post

Reposting a post to your story or sending a post to a friend helps each small business gain more exposure. The only way a company grows is if more people know about it, so the more people who get exposed to a post or a social media account, the better.


If you want to take it a step further than a double tap, write a sweet comment on a post. This tells the small business owners that you appreciate the content and your comments greatly increase their engagement (a helpful social media tool). Also, it boosts the confidence of the faces behind the account, when people comment their praises!

Saving Posts

Finally, “Saves”-- this tool is widely overlooked, yet possibly the most important way to support a small business. Saves increase the rank of each small business in Instagram’s eyes. The more saves a post has, the more Instagram thinks viewers enjoy the account. Therefore, Instagram will be more likely to showcase this business’ content.

This past year has been so tough on so many businesses, so everyone could really use a little extra love. Whether that means you actually buy their products or you take a few extra seconds to double tap a picture, comment a nice thought or send a post to a friend. These four things might seem insignificant to most, but as a social media manager myself, they are so incredibly important to our business.

Thank you to those who already support us, and those that will support us in the future. It means the world!

To learn more about Forward Social, please contact us at or give us a call at 855-696-7254.

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