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5 Things I Didn't Expect About Working in Social Media.

1. The industry and your role will always evolve.

The ability to be able to adapt in any situation is the most important skill you can possess in this industry.

Social media is constantly evolving, adding on new features, platforms and rules every day. A little over two years ago, there was no need for a TikTok or Reels strategy. Even around five years ago, there wasn’t even a need for Instagram Story strategies.

Embracing change as it comes is the easiest way to make sure your clients’ strategy stays fresh and relevant.

2. How much work (and how many platforms) goes into one post.

Before ACTUALLY being a social media manager, I thought “how hard can it be?”

While it’s not brain surgery, it is a very back-and-forth and super tedious process. Below is a step-by-step list of everything a post needs to undergo before it reaches the Instagram feed.

  1. Brainstorming

  2. Strategy

  3. Design

  4. Static image: Brainstorming (yet again) > Shot List > Photoshoot > Image Culling > Editing (Lightroom) > Upload to Later

  5. Graphic: Brainstorming > Draft design > Color selection > Font selection > Image selection > Upload to Later

  6. Copywriting

  7. Hashtag Research

  8. Manager Review (Asana)

  9. Edits

  10. Client Review

  11. Edits (Round Two)

  12. Schedule Post (Later)

  13. Community Management

3. The unusual hours.

Say goodbye to the usual 9-5 working hours. 👋

When your job is in social media, even scrolling through your personal account can trigger your working brain. Inspiration strikes at the most fascinating times and you’re always thinking of how to relate a certain trend or design back to your clients.

Plus, sometimes the algorithm favors odd hours of the day for different clients. Let’s just thank @Later for auto posting. 🙌

4. How much trust there is in a client-facing relationship.

Our team has so many client meetings every month. During these meetings, clients usually ask for advice within our scope of work. Think Reel Strategy, Post Frequency, etc.

Sometimes, they ask for advice outside of our scope of work. Think Website Management, Ad Budgets, and even business advice.

Working closely with our clients allows us to have a strong relationship with them, which in turn, helps us communicate their online presence efficiently.

5. How rewarding work can be.

Enter analytics reports. While tedious, being able to see the success and growth of each account is so rewarding.

If you’re like me, you become addicted to the results of your campaigns. Analyzing performance is key–even when it’s not a week of growth and success. If a piece of content performs poorly, this helps with the next cycle of strategy. It gives you a heads up,

“Hey. This post didn’t resonate with your target audience. What is missing?”

It’s a never-ending cycle of important wins and and even more important losses lessons.

Knowing everything I know now, I still wouldn’t change my job for the world. I love being challenged and rewarded for every success our team shares. It is truly the coolest and most fulfilling job in the world.

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